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June 25, 2021

Our Commitment to Sustainability

“Environmental stewardship has always been one of the pillars at Quails’ Gate. I feel personal responsibility to protect this land for future generations.” – Tony Stewart, Proprietor & CEO

The Stewart family has been farming in the Okanagan for over 100 years. With this history comes a sense of responsibility for stewarding the land and protecting its future. At Quails’ Gate, sustainability is a policy of continuous improvement and philosophy of doing more with less. We cultivate a culture of innovation throughout all of our business practices, operations and supply chain. This commitment has reduced our waste by nearly 50% since 2010.

  • A composting program in the winery, restaurant and offices diverts over 150 pickup-truck loads of yard waste to our compost pile annually.
  • In the Wine Shop we use biodegradable plastic bags and reusable cloth bags.
  • Lighting in the offices and on the property is motion-activated, while supplemental outdoor lights and water features are on timers.
  • In 2020 Quails’ Gate is undergoing certification through the Green Step Program.

We believe our dedication to environmental stewardship is reflected in the care that goes into every bottle. Enjoy a bottle of Quails’ Gate wine to taste our commitment to quality.