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News / News / 2020 Okanagan Harvest Report

January 13, 2021

2020 Okanagan Harvest Report

The growing season of 2020 was marked by low yielding vines. Winter temperatures reduced our bud numbers and rain during the flowering months reduced yields even further. Summer temperatures in the Okanagan were below average compared to previous warm summers, which led to gradual ripening as we headed into the most crucial season for weather. Autumn was ideal for ripening with above 20C days for most of the harvest months and almost no precipitation. This combination of low yields and excellent conditions allowed us to hang our fruit in to October. Most excitingly to report is the quality of the pinot noir which came in fragrant, structured and beautiful. The long growing season let us use whole cluster in the ferments to build complexity. The pinot noir, riesling and chenin blanc, which are the most susceptible to disease were beautiful and clean by mid-October allowing for the development of beautiful flavours while maintaining a naturally high acidity in our cool climatic vineyards.

The harvest of 2020 proved nature’s power, and we will see vintages that will be in limited supply but exceptionally high in quality, aromatics and longevity.

Ross Baker, Winemaker