With the emergence of warm, sunny Okanagan skies, comes one of our most beloved and anticipated wine releases of the year. 


Named after our Grandmother, Lucy Mary Whitworth, this Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir (85%) and Pinot Meunier (15%) grapes from our Westpoint Vineyard in South Kelowna.

We planted our first vines in 1961, but our love affair with the soil goes back to 1908. Our history is our strength, and our longstanding relationship with the land has allowed us to deliver exceptional fruit, resulting in wines of unique character and distinction.


Although the elegance and depth of Lucy’s Block Rosé make it a wine that can shine all on its own, it also pairs perfectly with sunshine-filled days and memorable moments with your favourite people. 

The Lucy’s Block Rosé is a refreshing and delicious wine with vibrant aromas of strawberries and cream. This vintage brings summer in a glass to every occasion, whether enjoying a relaxing afternoon on a sun-soaked patio or hosting friends by the pool.

Shop the limited release of the 2023 Lucy’s Block Rosé today to get your hands on this forever favourite before it’s gone.


As a family-owned business that spans three generations and more than a century of farming in the Okanagan Valley, we have a sense of responsibility for the land and the community in which we operate and its future. This certification reflects our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, conserving natural resources and promoting the well-being of our employees and the surrounding community.